OR just text ahead with the word 'Lucky Pelican' to 941-479-2489 and join our interactive wait list


For 7 or more Call 941-907-0589


 For 6 or less guests, Text Ahead!


Texting Ahead

This puts your name on our interactive wait list. Then our digital host, QLess, quotes you an approximate wait time and then continues to keep you updated with information about your place in line. This is not a reservation, this is a place in our digital line.


Text 'S' for Status Updates

Want to know what's going on? Text 'S' to find out how much more time you have!


Text 'M' for More Time

Summoned too soon? Still parking? Texting 'M' will hold your place in line.


Text 'H' for Help

Texting 'H' will give you all the answers you need!


Text 'L' to Leave the Line

Changed your mind? That's ok! Text 'L' and let us know.

>> All guests must check in when they arrive and all parties must be present before being sat <<

Open 7 Days a Week

Call 941-907-0589

6239 Lake Osprey Dr

Sarasota, FL 34240

Mon Lunch Only 11a-2:30p

Lunch Tues-Sat 11a-4:15p

Dinner Tues-Thurs 4:30p-9p

Dinner Fri 4:30p-10p

Dinner Sat 4:30p-9p

Sun Dinner Only 3p-8:30p

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